Thursday, 28 November 2013

Everyone is Waiting for... You :)


3.57 am, now I start typing on this your daddy's Samsung laptop

2.54 am, wake up, walk around the living room/salon about 15 minutes (exercise) and eat barley porridge by umi), eat while reading friends' blogs

hee,, today is 39 weeks, just counting days for now while aware of early labour signs :)

nervous and at the same time always thinking how my baby's condition are; healthy or not, has brown hair or black hair, daddy-look or mummy look, hee and what scare me the most is c-section.. I hope I can deliver in nomal way amin2.. doa for me k ^_^

my baby, I hope I can meet you very soon

Come out with peace okey :)
mummy want to study now, not finish yet the assignments hoho

oh ya, ur grandma arrived in Amman about 13 days ago

everyone is waiting for you
all your things; clothes, blankets, bed and toys are ready for you

just mummy not wash yet your few winter clothes

*(for mom-to-be, just soak in Dettol detergent & leave for few hours, bcz if we wash with washing machine, will turn out like used clothes (2nd-hand clothes), the colour will change and look old)

my baby, i love you :)

ur grandma brought keropok for me hehe. kalau pantang da tak blh makan. mkn puas2 yeah!

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