Sunday, 25 February 2018

Clinical Case in Malaysia Hospital (HO Series)

Assalamualaikum everyone

I know that my blog still has visitors who are interested in pursuing study medicine in Egypt.. i received a lot of msgs and emails from u guys. Mostly i replied already.. so i hope i answered all of your questions ;))

so, to make this blog still benefit for you guys, my juniors especially those who are currently studying in Egypt, I want to jot down some cases that I usually encountered and what are importants for you guys to know.


stay tuned

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

I Am Not A Houseman Anymore


I started my HOship (junior doctor training) on 17/7/2017 ---- 12/2/2018 I resigned from my HOship
I need to do this step coz its not suitable for me and my family right now as u know it's hard. Insyaallah I will continue my master in few months in future. And if have my rezki to do again HOship in Malaysia or Jordan, i will do it too

ps: i miss so much to poke the veins

Get Back My Blog Alhamdulillah

i am not posting anything as I forgot my password and email ..omg

but alhamdulillah i got it back :)

so i will continue write on my life journey insyaallah

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