Saturday, 29 March 2014

He is Growing :)


This week I will start my Islamic studies after two months break. i decided 

to take just four subjects in this semester: Ethics (Hilyatul Talabal Ilm), Fiqh Munakahat (Marriage), English and Islamic Management. I hope these subjects can guide me to be a better muslim..ahaks :)
I have a lot to do. Day by day and medical course exam is every two weeks or sometime I feel like I just want to stretch my hand and suddenly whatsapp  messages are coming inform me that few days later will be held an exam. Overall, maybe we as Egypt universities students feel like that, while our friends, medical students too are suffering a lot, more than us in facing these non-stop exam and a lot of books are waiting to be read.

Ok that part is my study.....


and this is my wonderful life of me.. watching my hero growing day-by-day. Alhamdulillah, he is my precious son that I could have. Although sometimes I feel stress bcz if tomorrow I'll have an exam and he doesn't want to sleep at night, I still love him? eh off course, he is my son haha :P.. but I can feel relax and calm, not too stress..em I dont know why I feel like that huhu

and my facebook status now are all about him :)
nanti I nak blogging je, takut kawan2 fb boring haha
u know, only moms know the feeling of being a mom 

sebelum ni, I never take care about any babies sebab semua sedara da besar2.. so when I had my own baby
I faced difficulties and tried to adapt with him.
When he turned 30 days and above, I can fully understand what he want and his manner, his temperament
Better la anak dara sebelum kahwin, jaga anak sape2 esp time tunggu SPM kan kihkih

tak perlu masuk kelas tenis bagai, tak penting pun semua tu haha

lebih baik belajar yg asas rumahtangga ni, lagi bermanfaat utk masa akan datang esp for someone like me la, klu bab baby2 dulu ni I mmg zero...tapi skgni lainla en en hehe

okey tu je

oh ye

semalam abang I kahwin, 28/3/2014

alhamdulillah ada sister baru dlm rumah :)


He was looking at me while I was studying. He needs someone to play with. sorry syg, mommy nk exam ;')

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Help Baby to Roll Over (Meniarap)


Alhamdulillah, my baby turns three months and 11 days today. hihi
tak sabar nak tengok perkembangan dia yang seterusnya iaitu meniarap
i will keep stimulate him more and more:)
to those mommies yang teringin sangat nak tengok anak cepat2 meniarap, here is the link
haa lagi satu, teringin nak suap dia makan bubur bulan depan
bulan depan da empat bulan, so umi kata da blh start bagi sikit2
masak nasi, jadikan bubur, biar lembut then blend..tu je..nasi je awal2 ni, nanti akan dtg baru campur kentang ke, lobak merah ke ..haa gitu :)

Abd Al-Rahman kena usaha tau biar dapat jugak meniarap ye

yang ni I letakkan dlm posisi meniarap..utk kuatkan otot perut,tangan dan kaki

mungkin badan dia berat sikit tu yang ambil masa..takpe mummy tunggu Abd Al-Rahman
well, his weight now about eight kilo or more hihi
daah 3 bulan = more than 8kg? yes, he is :)

How to Help a Baby Roll Over -- powered by ehow

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