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How to Stay Awake in Class

today I copy paste about how to get awake in class from few web: wikiHow, eHow and etc...
Nowadays, I always feeling so sleepy in class...huhu
plus if the subject is boring to me, so i easily feeling..oh I want to sleep..#_#

>Sometimes dozing off in class has everything to do with the level of its interest with you, something it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with the fact that you were up all night doing who knows what? No matter what your reason is, there are many ways to combat the doze bug.

Tips For Staying Awake
1. Sit up front and centre. By sitting in the front, you have the sense that the teacher is looking directly at you, whether or not he/she is. You are in view of everyone. This position not only gives you easier access to the board or projector - so you can see the notes better - but it makes you feel obligated to pay attention. You will actually fear falling asleep because everyone will notice!-- actually I can sleep in front of prof..o_0~

2. Take notes. Whether you are a good note-taker or not, the mere act of writing may help you stay awake. If your hand is constantly moving, then there is a lesser chance of falling asleep. Just do not get too caught up in your notes that you forget to listen to what is being said. This technique is good for visual learners (people who learn best when they actually SEE what is being taught).

3. Draw sketches or doodle in your notebook. Though this is not recommended for grade school, secondary/middle school and high school, there is no problem with doodling in college - ONLY if you have a good auditory memory (you remember the things you hear). This is an alternative to taking notes. It keeps your hand busy so you have less of a chance of falling asleep. It may help - for moments where the teacher goes off into a personal story or something - to doodle in the margins. If your notebooks are checked for neatness and such, do not doodle in your notebooks.

4. Change your position. Do not sit in the same position for the entire class. For example, ladies often cross their legs while sitting through a lecture. Try uncrossing your legs for some time, or switching the leg that is crossed. You can even shift in your seat every once in a while. Even changing the position of your notebook now and then can be beneficial.--saya tak mmg xley dok diam time lecture. lengoh

5. Suck on a candy or chew gum. 

6. Drink some water. This goes hand in hand with the candy and gum method. Most teachers who do not allow food and drinks will allow a bottle of water into the classroom. Take advantage of that allowance and sip some water every now and then to stay awake.-- I pernah makan burger bawah purdah..ekhehehe =)

7. KEEP YOUR HANDS AWAY FROM YOUR FACE. Often times, as we get relaxed during lectures, we place our elbows on the desks and lean our faces against our hands. Most people do this. Do not prop your head on your hand. This will give your body a sense of rest and INVITE sleep. Leaning on your hands is as bad as putting your head on your desk. Don't do it!

8. Walk out of the classroom. If all else fails, walk away. I'm not saying to pack up all your things and go home.( Just take a break - a BRIEF break. Walk down the hallway and get a drink of water. Do some jumping jacks to wake your body up, go to the bathroom to relieve yourself, splash some cold water on your face. If you're near a door that exits the building, go out for some fresh air. Just remember to return to class promptly. You do not want to miss too much valuable information.

Use Caffeine Wisely
·         Caffeine is a stimulant most often consumed via coffee, tea, soda pop and energy drinks. Caffeine does not substitute for sleep but it can temporarily heighten alertness and increase performance. The effects begin to take hold within an hour and decline over the next three to four hours. Drinking caffeine before and during class will help you stay awake, but you should stop caffeine ingestion in the early afternoon to avoid interference with your nighttime sleep.
·         Exercise increases mental alertness. Regular exercise has been show to have a benefit in cognitive functioning over the long term. In addition, movement provides the immediate benefits of mental clarity and alertness. Try weaving regular exercise into your routine immediately before class. For a quick boost of energy, run up and down a flight of stairs or run in place.
Keep Hydrated and Fueled
·         Proper hydration and nutrition both work to help keep energy levels up. Keep hydrated throughout the day and eat regular healthy meals. For an immediate boost during class, sip water and take small bites of a snack.
Take Notes and Participate
·         Taking notes and raising your hand and participating in class not only help you learn and improve your grades, they also keep you alert and awake. If you’re engaged, you're less likely to lose focus and get sleepy.
Distract Yourself
·         When all else fails, keep yourself distracted. Chew gum, suck on hard candy, doodle, write out grocery or to-do lists, tap your feet (quietly, so you don't disturb others), move in your chair or twiddle your thumbs.

25 Ways to Help Stay Awake in Class

1.   Participate in discussions or ask questions. The teacher doesn’t have to know you’re doing it to stay awake
2.   Sit up straight. Slouching is a sleep precursor
3.   Chew gum or mints
4.   Suck on cough drops
5.   Concentrate on what the teacher is saying
6.   Doodle di atas buku sendiri ye.bkn buku kawan @ buku doktor
7.   Take lots of notes
8.   Bounce your crossed leg up and down
9.   Shift around in your chair
10.       Sip cold water
11.       Sit at the front of the class
12.       Move your feet
13.       Pinch yourself--kutey dirimu
14.       Stare wide-eyed into a light --jangan lama2 rosak mata.hehe
15.       Bite your tongue-- tapi igt ini bkn gula2 getah
16.       Play with your pen--jgn sampai ggu rkn sblh
17.       Don’t lean on your hands--jangan2
18.       Work on your to-do list or shopping list--ahh yang ni best..da pernah buat ehehe
19.       Avoid mid-week late nights or all-nighters
20.       Maintain a regular sleep schedule
21.       Try to get 8 ½ to 9 ½ hours of sleep every night-- klu 6jam da okey tu
22.       Exercise in the morning or walk/ride to school--xdop sikka
23.       Eat breakfast for an extra energy boost--mkn sandwich arab tiap2 pagi
24.       Eat healthy snacks instead of chocolate bars or chips
25.       Eat a light lunch – avoid the hoggie or turkey sub...--lunch kat rumah je sllunye

Try to do your school work earlier so you can go to bed earlier and be rested for the next day
Take a nap when you get home so you will feel rested also
Eat a great breakfast. It will help give you more energy and help you stay awake
Cut out some activities so you won't have so much stress and you'll be able to focus on School.
Maintain a good diet
Exercise more
Try to do most of your work ahead of time so you will have more time to relax, you'll be ahead of everyone else, and you'll have more free time.
Get at least 8-9hours a sleep a day. Most people can get by on only 7 hours of sleep.
Wash your face with a cold Wash rag when so that you'll stay awake all day when you wake up in the morning and drink some Earl Grey Tea before you leave for School.
Study for three hours as soon as you get home so that you can get ready for bed on time.


Try to eat a better breakfast.
Drink Earl Grey Tea and wash your face with a Cold Wash rag in the morning before you go to School.
When it's cold outside dress in front of the fire when you wake up for School if you have a fire place. Space Heaters will also work, but be careful not to sit too close to the heater or you'll get burned

 berat la sek ni suh aku tanding.ayyo~(doodle saya.comel dok comel dok? :P

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