Monday, 24 December 2012

Free Study@Harvard,MIT,Barkeley~

one day i browsing internet as usual...and 
ehhh? really??

and free

right click to view larger. to check the web link~

harvard free. MIT free. eh?

--dan bila terkenangkan diriku yang da ambil medik ni..tambah2 lak tahun 5 ni
banyak yang kena digest betul2 study betul
assignment ade. eei banyakla kan..tak sempat nak genggam semua
so,, I promote kat u all la ni
sorry bagitahu lambat *sila tgk tarikh dy untuk setiap course*
but quite interesting..
kena buat assignment and project la..pastu send kat pihak dy
but on certificate, no grade will be stated
arrghh tu yang tak best
but remember what u will get? ilmu

kan ade hadith ke ke ape eh,, mafhum dia camni- semakin kita belajar ilmu ni, semakin senang kita nak masuk syurga-

ok itu aje
*lapar la pulak*
*bye nak makan nasi goreng, u all nak? hehe

Brother Nouman continued his talk to focus on some reflections on Surah Ibrahim (Chapter 14 in the Quran), which was revealed by God at a time when the situation of the first Muslims in Makkah was becoming very difficult due to the persecution they were facing from the people of Quraish. This purpose of this surah was to help Muslims cope with the hardships they were facing by narrating to them what happened to the Israelites who were persecuted by Pharaoh and his soldiers who used to kill their children. God says in verse 14:7 { 'If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.'}.

Being patient is important when facing difficulties, but also being grateful for God’s many bounties which we can’t even count. We have a divine promise that if we are grateful God will increase us and this is very important for Muslims in the West to remember, we must have the attitude of gratitude to succeed and come closer to God.

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