Monday, 7 November 2011

Just to Defend Myself

I not hate all Egyptian men..but certain Egyptian men
why? because I got headache when I dealt with some of them
and now, I threw out my anger
just to say that, i was capable to face him, to scold him
don't think the ladies have no power and also we are Malaysian
we smaller than you, and we afraid of wrong
very wrong
we are also human being, we have our fundamental rights like European, Caucasian, American....
why treat us like we are strangers to you?
we are also muslims

two years more here...sabar sabar...

why you are so stubborn? I really regret what you have done to me..
it is not cheap
it is meant to me

barang saya hilang, mudah-mudahan akan jumpa balik..amin ya rabb

trivia~ memang betul orang kata, kalau bekerja dengan sorang orang arab, rasa macam bekerja dengan sepuluh orang Melayu..

1 comment:

izzahmohammad said...

sabau sabau.. orang Oz pun tak kurang jugak 'keling' sometimes..

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