Saturday, 11 February 2012

1st Day at Mafraq @ Jordan


>> jot down some notes about my trip to Jordan

 ok, i think i'm busy now, so i'll upload my diary note..=)

mind map ni..hehe :)
 because i was traveling to the higher currency rates, so i must control my budget..hehe
1 Dinar = RM 4 = LE 8
*photos not in sequence**

Amman (on the way to Mafraq, a lot of olive trees)

Borg el-Arab Airport, Alexandria


sorry, this photo Fatihah found it on our flight back to Egypt.~ TEL AVIV! uhh

1st day, arrived, min's cousin came with jeep-like to take us to mafraq, we stayed at al-Bayt university hostel. Staying at hostel so must pay 2 Dinar/night ( I think k.fatimah payed for us..hehe..thx akak )

about after Asar, called taxi to pick us to Bala' (small town) to buy something to eat for tomorrow because we planned to visit Dead Sea and Madaba (Mount Nebo). I just bought two drinks and biscuits. K.fatimah aka k.Long bought breads, snacks and many more also treat us syawerma Jordan.

as I walked in to the market, I saw strawberries in transparent cuboid-shaped plastic and I asked myself why didn't they sold the strawberries in kilo?? wow, the price also emm, so alhamdulillah, I studied in Egypt, I bought strawberries 1 kilogram only  LE 2.50- LE 5 (about RM 1.25- RM 2.50)..=) so yummy&sweet!!
 I also bought Jordan simcard number, now I passed it to Muez because I have many free items (sms,call) left..

ooh, also bought sport shoes because we planned to take a look at Petra too. They said in Petra, we would climb the hard stones and if i put wedges for my feet, it would be dangerous, may fall down, slippery and yeahh, so i bought a pair also Min bought a pair too. Our shoes were similar, printed em ok not printed, but simple weaves i think, the difference was the lace. I want it orange while Min took the brown chocolate lace.

Also there, I met my primary school friend, wan aina syahida (ex-al-amin Kuala Lumpur)..hehe..She would be ustazah in future insyaallah..what a small world haa ;)

by taxi, returned hostel safely..

prepare our-self for the next day

Mafraq (Arabic المفرق Al-Mafraq, local dialects Mafrag or Mafra' , "crossroads") is the capital city of Mafraq Governorate, Jordan, located 80 Km to the north from the Jordanian capital Amman in crossroad to Syria to the north and Iraq to the east. It has 58,954 inhabitants (2000).[citation needed] Mafraq was also the location of a Transjordanian prisoner of war camp during the Arab-Israeli War, used to house soldiers taken from a Transjordanian victory at the Jewish quarter of East Jerusalem in 1948.

Dalam agama kita ISLAM hukum berzina, membunuh tanpa hak (kecuali dgn diizinkan syarak) dan membohong adalah berdosa besar..Tetapi dlm Syiah smua itu halal..Zina ditukar kpd istilah "nikah muta'ah", membohong ditukar kpd "Taqiyyah" manakala membunuh pula dihalalkan kpd golongan Sunni bahkan mendapat ganjaran pahala yg besar sesiapa yg menumpahkan darah Sunni..YA Allah, selamatkan Syria, amin..

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