Thursday, 26 May 2011

My way to Pharma 4 June/ Study Motivation. Fighting3x!!!


thx k.amira. lolipop lain ade pic. cuma x upload. sbb yg ni plg kiut.haha

in few minutes, can finish it up. sedap! like3x

ainnur pny gula2. sedap.

nota ni menjwb persoalan yg da lama bermain di benakku. thx dr.amal. u're great :)

mkn sblm study

byknye lom study *_*

mnjwb bbrpe mslh dgn 'rakyat'. haha. my simple breakfast 5 mins.roti pizza mayonis white cream n sauce :)

si comel aku yg bersedia berkhidmat bila2 masa

alamak! ingat Allah mai. bismillah~


the result: lawa x perscrition aku?

Get the work done properly, and you can kick back with a clear conscience. Here are the only four steps you need to achieve it:
  • Create the spaceWherever you live, from a hall of residence to shared accommodation, establish an area for you to work.  Even if you don't have a desk, restricting a small area for you to open your books will help to create boundaries between work and play.
  • Ditch the distractionConsider your working environment, and cut out anything that tempts you from the task at hand, such as the telly or even music. If you just can't work in silence, go for tunes without vocals or anything so complex you feel compelled to shut your eyes and listen. Review the state of your social life too.
  • Establish a work scheduleOften a fear of the workload ahead is enough to tempt many into work-dodging habits. The run up to exams is a case in point, and at no other time is it more crucial for you to get a grip. The way forward is to break up the slog into more manageable sessions.
    So, if you're faced with six hours worth of work, for example, why not split it into three two-hour sessions? You'll feel like you've achieved something faster, which is a buzz that'll keep you going.
  • Create regular breaks and rewards
    There's nothing like the prospect of a treat to keep you focused, so be sure to pepper your sessions with them. Five minutes free time every hour, for example, will help to maintain that spark and drive. Use the opportunity to leave your working environment, get some fresh air, or do something that is rewarding to you.
    Also think on a long-term basis, and line up something really special for getting through your exams or academic year. As for the moment that you graduate, if you can say you've worked your hardest then you'll be guaranteed to enjoy the rest and relaxation that follows.

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