Tuesday, 13 March 2012

1st Conference that I give a talk: Overview on Malaysian Health Care System and Common Diseases among the Population

staying late at night to prepare the power point slides (for the conference)
someone called because want the hisbah report
someone messaged asked me when can I continue a programme under Hisbah called "Jaulah Mesra" (Ops Mesra)
then someone messaged me when she can post the advertisement regarding Economy Unit because insyaallah we will sell food stuff
then someone asked me, about Perubatan Sport's Day preparation, under me, there are two units, scoreboard and guard timer
then I checked ZAP (Zagazig Academic Panelist) mailbox..

 maisarah, these tasks u did during your young and healthy ages..alhamdulillah

Organized by Faculty of Medicine and ZMSSA.
I had delivered a talk at 2++pm at conference hall, Surgery Hospital building, Faculty of Medicine, Zagazig University.
I prepared a presentation power point slides entitled Overview on Common Disease and Health Care System in Malaysia.

Prepared a talk for 10 minutes, but the organization said it would be 4 minutes when I stepped on stage...but alhamdulillah, even I felt it was stressed, not so smooth, but ok la~haha :)ooh, I just was like uh then the words just came out from my vocal cord, then bla bla bla..then I failed to focus..like diplopia i think, what was on screen, then the conductor looked to me and said, "maisarah, take your time" pulak daa..then I just continue and more relaxed..tadi kata 4 minit..wawa

ok la. semput kot..after i finished it, then someone told me that it was a competition..what?? oh my my..
Dr Zakhi said I finished it within 7 minutes for these 26 slides..hoho..laju dan semput gak sket..~

Dr. Zakhi (Academic Unit) accompanied me here. He captured the videos and pictures using my Nokia C6 and Ainnur's Fujifilem (borrowed).I was not planning to take a video but Dr Zakhi said to me "takkanlah tak nak ambil buat kenangan kan", hoho, dia pulak yang bersungguh2..ok la no hal...Thanks Dr. Zakhi. very friendly.. I took part as an individual participant..hoho..

I think the exam is just around the corner..pray for me guys
"Ya Allah, aku doakan Maisarah berjaya dunia akhirat"

some slides from my presentation..I think I will upload it on ZAP..hehe..dari blog I ni sape je yg tengok, baik sedekah kat ZAP ..ye dakk? ade manfaatnya iA...ok la...salam

trivia~ Yahoo stepped up its new feud with Facebook on Monday, suing the social-networking giant and accusing it of infringing on 10 patents tied to an array of Web technologies.
According to the lawsuit, filed in Federal District Court in San Jose, Calif., Yahoo contended that Facebook had knowingly and improperly violated some of the company’s core intellectual properties. The patents, which were issued from 1999 to 2010, cover advertising, privacy, customization, social networking and messaging.
Last month, Yahoo warned Facebook that it may file suit over the patents.

~I proud with Tawakul Karman :) the 1st Muslim Woman who won the Nobel Prize and the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner...go2 fighting!!!

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