Saturday, 3 March 2012

Friday @MAT, gRAD viD, meet friends ^_*

these random videos...

Harapan dalam hati kata nak join. tak tahu ada peluang ke tidak untuk menjadi salah seorang dari Medical Team :)

ohh, nak graduate gakk!! (I watched this video,looked like wedding video style la..^_)

Annual Meeting (Mesyuarat agung Tahunan) held by PERUBATAN alhamdulillah, changes that can make many improvement in PERUBATAN be better in future insyaallah
5 proposals were supported by delegations..
although the early program looked a little bit disorganized/topsy-turvy(only little, not much) because protocol problem i think, but it went well, all delegations controlled their emotions during delivered opinions/suggestions...alhamdulillah..

even both in Egypt, but 2 years not meet at MAT, also can gather what...hewhwe

i think news about MAT would be released myb, we can surf PERUBATANonline to know the details :)

eh eh, what happpen to my diary journey around jordan? oh i really want to jot down on it..till next time...nite, salam :)

Me: who bought you these things? (stethoscope, pink syringe, knee jerk tool, xray scanner, microscope eh??
Ina: Ayah
Me: always play with these stuff?
Ina: Kadang-kadang je
Me: eh, u want to be a doctor??
Ina: Nak jadi cikgu laa
Me: (dalam hati, oh adik, tolong jadi benda lain la, coz i and ur bro akan main these stuff too)~ dont make a boring family~~hewhew..sungguuuh, tak best la kalau satu family satu bidang je~
tapi who knows kan, tengok2 my adik will follow my steps because i influenced my bro to take medicine too,hoping in Egypt, but about the revolution, he chooses Jordan instead of, cannot accompany me either..hewhew

Watch her with the tools, haha..gelak dalam hati.
Check me with the tools, then she used the little microscope , tengok ape tu? Ina: kuman...

eh, i actually i want to update the blog on 29 Feb 2012...tapi malas..hauhau~~

4 IMPORTANT~ : passion, focus, push, ideas, PERSIST :)

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