Friday, 20 April 2012

Video Pertandingan Animasi Maahad2 =)

During my secondary school, I not involved in multimedia. I choose research, innovation of science rather than multimedia. But my best friend and some friends from my class, they did the videos n webs like that..emm, not so remember..huhu
btw i just watched video made by our juniors which I don't know who are they but may be we will connect by Facebook..em..hee~

now 22 years, about 5 years left the school..
things like blinking of eye
day by day, week by week, emm
i missed my table class so much..hewhew

kak Fatimah, she got straight 18 A's. Now she is studying medicine in UK
mediaminda production came for shooting during our learning session, so of course we(classmates n I) were in this video too =)
actually, we were in 5 science 1, class that k.Fatimah used to study before, so that, we were acting together, =)

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