Saturday, 1 September 2012

Sunblock and 'mahram' ( umrah'12 part 1)

pengalaman umrah dan ziarah 2012
last 10 august - 24 august  I was in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (K.S.A) to do umrah..
we were eight from Zagazig: k.Husna, K.Hana, Nisa', Fifi, Adda, k.Yana n me,, oh one ikhwah, Umar Izudin.
actually we were not planning to go there together, all of us decided to join package 3 which was last 10 days of Ramadhan + Eidul Fitr here (berbaloi la an wat umrah bulan pose,, last2 lak tu)

so, k.Hana told ust Fizree to prepare for us a van to attend a course in cairo about this ibadah and little bit about history of Mecca.
The course was held in the middle of our exam period (4th year), but they also not had enough time n all universities were on exam at that time. The course only just few hours, maybe just 3 to 4 hours only, not remember..

so, finished exam, I prepared many things. 
Clothes, long round scarf which are sewn in the middle (tudung labuh)- older ppl ,mak cik2 always asking me, where u bought this haa,,hehe, because it is really easy to wear =)
then, lotion, because can prevent our skin from know what, the weather in Mecca is really hot annually, summer,,more than plus the construction nearby made breathing airway not so ok..uncomfortable..dust, tiny matter were flying,,huhu, some friends got epistaxis while being there..
ok, what now,, wet tissue, but avoid the wet tissue which has odour,,because after we niat for ihram, we cannot spray/apply any odour things except sunblock (since it's function to prevent our skin from getting damaged by strong UVrays- medicine cause), also cannot make-up la..hehe =))
then what we need, face/small towel because if we get hot, we can wet our towel then put it on our head..ehh, tudung will get wet? hee nevermind, it will dry up sooner than u expect  =)

wet tissues

my boarding pass

special terminal for hajj/umrah @cairo international airport, egypt

only 2 hours to Jeddah, so we got cake&bread for brunch

before we all check-in, must manage the luggage and things to get on flight too..=)
I was very jealous, I think not only me, my girlfriends also because when we looked at ikhwah bags,, wow wow, how small their bags?? ok,, because they just need ihram clothes which white towel looked-like clothes so happy senang lenang bawak beg..okeyy~
then previously I also wondering how they managed, I mean the company travel (I joined Barakah travel) managed since to do umrah, women need mahram to accompany them/me =),, 

after a while before weighing our bags and got boarding pass, some men/ikhwah called name and passed the passports, so when I checked my umrah visa, I saw my 'mahram' name was there..then we gathered 4 women and 1 man/'mahram'..
ehh you know, hehehe,, he was a fake mahram..haha..okey not funny I know, but to me it was funny n cute..hahahaha

because I was blurred before that,, what n what what? my 'mahram' walked away and deserted me alone can I know his name..oohh ohh ..then I asked ikhwah there, who 's ...(put my 'mahram's name),,oh him..ok2 got it..i rushed to him, oh u maisarah?,,yes2 me2.. then gave him my passport because he want to put it together with other 3 girls,, so I pushed my bag n weighing it...other girls were finished already but they didn't received their boarding pass yet.
while waiting, the officer called my name

me: yes?
officer: are u maisarah?
me: yes i am
officer: where is your bag?
me: there (because my 'mahram' wanted my bag with the other girls' bags)
officer: so your boarding pass is here..hurm, it is ok,, where is your mahram?
me: him (pointed finger toward him)  (then my fake mahram nodded his head at the officer)
officer: so, both of u have 2 bags or just one?
me: hek? err...err..oh ya ya, two bags two bags.. (this question made me blurred for a while,,huhu) 
officer: this is your boarding pass
me: oh yes yes, thank you (i was the first to get the boarding pass,,yeay2 =)

huhu,, yes....then I was thinking awhile....marriage is important esp when u want to do umrah..yes,, esp when u want to do tawaf, your hero will save u from the crowd..hhehe..joking ok joking

so after 2 hours we arrived at Jeddah and when I on flight, no one sit beside me, so i was free =)..
arrived at Jeddah, solat Jama' Asar & Zohor there...waiting--- to mecca (about 2 hours also by bus)

see u next time..with Godwill..insyaallah~

 "Ada sebuah negara, sudah 64 tahun terjajah, sebahagian kecil darinya dikepung dan dikenakan pelbagai sekatan ekonomi dan pergerakan keluar-masuk; darat, laut dan udara.
Pada hemat aku negara yang terjajah ini lebih merdeka dari kebanyakan negara yang mendakwa telah merdeka dari penjajahan asing dan berdiri sebagai sebuah negara berdaulat.
Kerana kemerdekaan yang sebenar ialah kemerdekaan jiwa dan kemahuan. Walaupun tanah air terjajah dan batang tubuh terpenjara namun jiwa dan raga tidak pernah menyerah kerana jiwa itu telah lama sujud kepada Allah dan kepada Allah sahaja.
Inilah dia manusia merdeka."
[Dr. Hafidzi Mohd Noor, Pengerusi Aqsa Syarif Berhad]

***--dan sekiranya kamu melihat ketika para malaikat mencabut nyawa orang-orang yang kafir sambil memukul wajah dan punggung mereka (dan berkata), "Rasakanlah olehmu siksa neraka yang membakar" (50), 
demikian itu disebabkan oleh perbuatan tanganmu sendiri. Dan sesungguhnya Allah tidak menzalimi hamba-hambaNya (51),
 (Keadaan mereka) serupa dengan keadaan pengikut Fir'aun dan orang-orang yang sebelum mereka. Mereka mengingkari ayat-ayat Allah, maka Allah menyiksa mereka disebabkan dosa-dosanya. Sungguh, Allah Maha Kuat lagi sangat keras siksaNya (52)~ (Surah Al-Anfal)


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Nice trip report
Could you scan your egyptair boarding pass, delete the barcode and send me the picture without private details?. Sorry but i like collect boardingpasses for all over the world
If at the end you decide to send me the picture here is my adress

Thanks and apologize

mysa said...

this boarding pass not with me
few yrs ago
u just can take from here

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