Friday, 18 January 2013

when he say....

he: marry me....

i: (-_-!)

u sure?

he: i did istikharah. u should do it too

i: emm  em yea..we should~



yes or no

yes or no

yes or no



yes, no,yes no no no no 

yes yes yes?

me n you always asking each other

why i should marry him/her?

I think logically n literally .hahaha~

and all obstacles we have, all mistakes we did to each other....
thank you for approaching me from the first u saw my account on internet

thank you~

February 2011:

u came to my home after 3-4 days we knew each other on internet
when you said to my dad n mom, n in front of me 

'i like her'

u look into my eyes. n me too. blurred for awhile...

then i smile, thinking what i heard just now

(how can u said that while we just met for 15 minutes?)

after u back to ur home in Cyberjaya

I discussed with my parents. whether I should accept u or not, whether i should continue msging to know u
or 'let go' hehe

mom: yes, u should know him more

obstacles more n more, misunderstood on many things, quarrel (#_#)

26 September 2011

we engaged

what i gave him

he gave to me

for his family =)

in engagement period

again we quarrelled n misunderstood. u approached me back. 

we apologize each other. yup. we both imperfect. insyaallah we will improve kan2?

time flies ....


I bertambah yakin. 

and now i want to announce that

space in my is already taken

future imam

25 January 2013

we will get marry


trivia~ will invite via facebook
small ceremony on same day for close friends and family

pray for us yea. thanks readers & followers =))


sya azila said...

maisarah!!! selamat pengantin baru!!!!!

~diam-diam ubi berisi ye


Ir.Abby Abira said...

salam sara,
congratulation on your marriage!!
skype tomorrow? nak?

putri_waznah said...

salam dik

mabruk alaiki
5 hari lagi. mesti berdebar-debarkan? :)

kak waz ucapkan selamat pengantin baru
moga jadi isteri yang solehah
penyejuk mata suami :)


syafha93 said...

salam kak mai
alfu mabruk =)

Anonymous said...

kepak kepak kebum bum
selamat pengantin baru

ezya_mohd said...

happy marriage for you & Ahmad


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