Sunday, 28 September 2014

nape tak ley komen kat blog?

copy pasta ekekeeh

I'd like to know if anybody else is having difficulties leaving comments on their own blog or my blogs.

The reason for asking is that this week I suddenly could not post a comment to MY OWN BLOG courtesy of Blogger.

I could moderate the comments of others and I could access the dashboard and publish posts - but I couldn't leave a comment.

The problem was resolved in part by stopping my comments page from being "embedded".  In other formats my Google account was recognised and I could leave comments.  When it was embedded the account was not recognised.

Embedded format

No recognition of Google account or Open ID with comments page in "embedded mode"
hence unable to leave comments

Full page format

Comment page in full page format
Google account is again recognised and I can leave a comment on my blog
More problems leaving comments!
Now I've begun to realise that embedded comment pages on other blogs are also inaccessible - and I can't leave comments on those blogs either!

I'm now wondering how many people have got a similar problem - or whether this is a one-off

So over to you - I have two questions:
Do you have an embedded comments page for your Blogger blog?
Have you had any problems leaving comments on your own blog?
[NOTE:  If you want to check out what setting you have:

go to Settings › Posts and comments
Under Comments check out the location of your comments function.  There are four options:embedded (causes a problem for me and others using Apple)
full page
pop-up window

dan saya terpaksa buat pop-out comments on this blog huhu
patutla comment kt blog kawan xdpt2
taip2 pjg2 pstu terdelete gitu je huhu
ni rupanye..
time consuming la pop out nih huhu
tq katherine hehe
copy2 bulat2
ha sape2 yg ade masalah blog tu sila la tukar setting..takley guna embedded dah huhu


!have a nice day 

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