Wednesday, 3 September 2014



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Success requires hard work – Reality/ Myth? 
Absolute reality. People contact me and say they want to memorize the Qur’an or they want to learn Arabic or they want to pursue a degree and when I follow up with what steps they’re taking right now to reach those objectives, they sometimes do not have anything in the works. Sometimes someone will complain to me that they have already been memorizing the Qur’an for an entire two months and they still haven’t come close to being a hafidh! Allahu Akbar! Have patience! And work consistently, persistently, and hard. Becoming a scholar doesn’t happen through posting 50 ahadith a day on facebook, like becoming a doctor doesn’t happen by watching a medical show all day. Yes, you might learn a little about the subject in both cases, but those “methods of learning” often will leave a person more confused and without any personal, comprehensive understanding and development. Work hard. Be persistent. Be consistent. And remember to take breaks to relax and help yourself re-focus. God willing, you’ll be successful. God is with the patient. But that’s the key: have patience when working hard for success. It will come, inshaAllah, but perhaps not in the way or not on the day you were expecting it.


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