Tuesday, 7 August 2012

2/2/2012: Amman, Jordan

in Irbid>
Met Mu'ez. my younger brother
Ju met her friend
I called my long-time-no-see friend/ my bff during i was 15 yrs =),, Adnin -7 yrs not meet u! miss u so much
she said i'm not change so much. =)
We met at Arabella @ Arabia Mall, not sure the name...
Oh before that, wait for Mu'ez and Amin (relative of Min) came, waiting at restaurant..

went to Amman
for sightseeing & shopping..souveniers
t-shirts for family. key-chain, etc..

have dinner here. city mall @Amman
to my guy, eh tp ni saje ambik pic, xde kaitn dgn sape2 :P.banyak kad cantik2.sgt3. tapi 7 dinar okeyh sekeping=RM28=Le56!! OMG @hallmark


ni bukan kat Amman, tapi Mafraq, kitorg bukan stay kat hotel, tapi asrama, bajet3..wew

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