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Prophet Muhammad: Reasons for His Multiple Marriages

assalamualaikum readers

27 Sept 2012, I was in Cairo because of some works. So while stayed there (Wisma Kelantan, Student Hostel Egypt), I saw many religion books.
Riyadhussolihin (in English), Prophet's Medicine, Wives of Prophet Muhammad and Reasons of Multiple Marriages, and many mores.
I stayed about two nights, so I said to myself I must read some books, so >will increase my knowledge 
>increase love to my religion
>to please Allah, the Creator

Innocence of Muslims, the film by __ (u can google it who is him), figured out what Islam was & Prophet Muhammad s.a.w identity in a bad way and meaning. He told to all people in the world that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did many bad things during his life.. astaghfirullah ,, while he don't know who is the Prophet exactly.
About multiple marriages, the China Dynasty(King) have 100 till 1000 women without marriage, also Judaism, unlimited how abt that..why when discuss abt polygamy, people always accuse Islam that Islam is the really pioneer in polygamy. 

Prophet Muhammad has ability from Allah to marry more than 4 (max.. for muslim man to marry). Also some scholars said that Allah not fixed yet the maximum number of wife of Muslim man at that time).

so, I put here some pics.
small book

so we can highlight here why the prophet did multiple marriages..
bcz of: politics (married to Safiyyah, Jewish origin), save widowed after husband had been killed in war(martyr), strengthen the friendship among sahabat and widespread Islam as a lifestyle and main rule in daily life.
i think u should read it by yourself and will understand more 
baru ade zuuk boh! hehehe

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hukum kena gam

tomorrow>>> AHLAN'12 PCZ
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