Tuesday, 23 October 2012

saving money on cakes (what is durian)

I try to save money

from the cybercafe, printing some stuffs

power point notes from lecture

went out without hesitation

stared on rack, full of cakes in cups

inside the opposite shop 

just near to it

buy or not buy emmm
buy no buy no buy no no

no no no no

just pls pls save some money 


*I wish I could have one, after someone bank in some fulus $$_$$ .... hehehehe


red velvet

i dont know

dont know too hehehe

smarties maybe

assalamualaikum panda!!!

sangatla berseni

just save money in this period...

and... they are tooo cute
if I buy one, I'll eat...
one pinch today, in fridge.. tomorrow eat again 1 pinch ok? in fridge then another two days one pinch 
bcz they are just too cute, so lovely to eat it in 1 time..hehe..
...(just saying,, it is not like this in reality :P)

recipe 4 the first cup cake *click*

while I searching these cakes photos, just thinking that how we admire so much on what people did n their skills in cakes decoration...turn the food look so delicious..so impressive.....

Allah create more than these, but we always forget it...forget to say 'Alhamdulillah' 'Subhanallah'

Also,,,just thinking,, how beautiful  the cakes in heaven eh?? ppl always forget abt heaven, that's why tend to do something against addin..nauzubillah~

~ I want to eat durian cake in durian shape...~~

and this is durian...
Durian...only in Malaysia
lie..lie...only in tropical country like my Malayisia..oh yeah

trivia: congratulation to Sis Nasuha on her wedding (23 Oct 2012) in Cairo while other friend, Sis Kauthar Hassan (we born on same day different year) yesterday, 22 Oct 2012 in Mansoura
Congratz both of you
Barakallahulakuma.**maherzain song**~~~ =))

assalamualaikum all
nite =)

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izzahmohammad said...

I think the third one is chocolate cupcake with raspberry buttercream frosting, and forth one is lemon cupcake? or maybe vanilla cupcake with lemon/citrus buttercream cause I can see some lemon curd on top of the frosting. ;)

can't wait for next year to eat durian puas2.. after 3 years of not eating it in the season... I miss eating durian sooo much.. sabar sabar je la.. nak balik msia da.. hihi

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