Friday, 9 November 2012

random typing while slurping my green tea


alhamdulillah, today is Friday and tomorrow is Saturday so holiday yeay

but being a student + society person, holiday does not mean a lot

it is just usual day, but Friday is really special 

involve actively in society which is PERUBATAN teach me many things...
It is really different when u hold a position in university/community life and secondary/primary school..the experience that u get will be more and more according to ur life phase la kan...
also different when in matriculation life (b4 university)

and this session, I may sit for two positions only
 ;Vice Director of Economy Unit and 
Planning Unit but both positions are not in PERUBATAN,
but DPMZ (Dewan Perwakilan Mahasiswa Zagazig)

and these amanah/responsibilities under me, so I must do it properly
because Allah will ask me for what I carry on...

I expect less busy than last year

also when I back home, what I see are thick books on the table waiting to be read

but the owner switch on the lap top first~ phew

ok, now I want to share with u some pics =))

oh yea,,two babies on 3 Nov 2012, >> Sis Ieka's baby (Nur Raudhatul Iman)
and Laila (granddaughter of my apartment owner , we called him Baba,)

Malaysian girls in Zagazig -powerful tau,,jgn main2..hehe

tumpang bangga atas kejayaan my housemate sembelih khoruf =))

announcement on Bidadari Zagazig group@Facebook

 They also had opportunities to slaughter animals (Qurban)
because this year, we had camels, khorufs & goats..didn't remember how much, but so many laa
then after slaughtering process and the males students cut the animals into many parts,
girls continued the process; cut into more smaller parts to be distributed to all students here
 I and 7 other friends cut 30 kg of camel meat (for soup feast)
bagi orang lain maybe da biasa,,
tapi aku nak bangga jugak..haha
ok assalmualaikum


unta di mana-mana said...

hebat ampa sembelih..

ahmad said...

best tngok pompuan sembelih :)

achu said...

wanita sembelih dengan penuh kasih saying...kalau gua kambing tu pun gua suka wanita sebagai penyembelih...

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