Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ucapan Pierre Andre yang Terbaik Dalam Anugerah Skrin 2012

and the greatest award is Laila haillallah...


After the award ceremony, director Adam Hamid (which now become a better muslim) calling him, congrulated him and asked him to join 'usrah' . alhamdulillah praise to Allah Pierre agreed to join it..

recently what we can see, some actors and actresses in Malaysia changed themselves into fitrah

alhamdulillah3x..this is good phenomenon in our country =)
and hoping this will keep on progress and will be more better than this

bravo Pierre! u were brave to say the holy kalimah in front of others while u were in entertainment prestige award ceremony~

*tiba-tiba teringat masalah Hisbah (couple laki perempuan kat universiti+pakai baju tangan tak pjg)
sometime I don't have courage enough to amal ma'ruf nahi mungkar~~
and got stress + grrr..., stress with that person & what inside me
stress tahu!
and last session of Hisbah, some ppls slandering me/publish a libel against me
alhamdulillah.. i didn't know and even I know, I just forgot it and i had no stress
haha=D----------------------------------------- selingan-------------------------------------------------

this 15 nov-16 nov: PharMed Seminar. I googled about Prof M.Mansor (Pharmacy)
Prof M.Mansor's writing (click) (I wish I have time to read this tremendous writing)

Iklan sikit>>


Help Her Look Forward to a Brighter Future

Marriage should be a time for celebration and joy – unless you are one of the 67 million girls around the world forced into marriage before the age of 18.

Imagine the life those girls — who are 7, 10 or even 16 years of age — endure. Child brides have a diminished chance of completing their education and are at a higher risk of being physically abused, contracting HIV and other diseases, and dying while pregnant or giving birth.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Please join CARE in helping bring an end to this gross human rights violation that puts the lives of 25,000 more young girls at risk every single day. Together we can end child marriage.

~Rohingya-Syria-Palestine~ hurm....

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