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Baby Acne? Why & How to Treat ^_^

Baby masa lahir okey je muka...but these few days, saya ade perasan bintik-bintik merah tumbuh, takla banyak, tapi wondering jugak kenapa baby pun ade jerawat hehe

bila la hubby nak balik ni, dia gi daftar baby hari ni n buat passport utk Abdurrahman

baby pulak tidur memanjang je hari ni

kalau I keluar dari bilik, dia macam sedar tau I keluar

baby .. mengikut pembacaan la kan, dia boleh hidu, perasan mak dia ade sebelah ke tak

nasib baik I cepat2 masak, tetiba dengar suara dia nangis dlm bilik ni

n I stay je kt bilik ni hoho #_#

camne nak kemas rumah, nk angkat baju, nk kms dapur ni..aiyo~~

How to Treat Baby Acne
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Baby acne is a harmless skin condition seen on infants from birth to 7 months old. Doctors suspect that as a mother's hormones begin functioning in a baby's body, it causes the oil glands to clog and the acne to appear.[1] Boys are said to be more susceptible to baby acne than girls.[2] These reddish or white bumps, called milia[3], can appear at birth, but most commonly appear some time within the first 4 weeks after birth. Although it is harmless and usually clears up after a few weeks or months, many parents want to know how to treat baby acne because of the reddish, blotchy appearance it gives to their baby's skin.

1Treat baby acne different from adolescent or adult acne. If your newborn does have acne, do not:
Pop, pinch, or pick at pimples.
Use strong topical solutions such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.
Use astringents.

2Wash your baby's skin with a mild non-drying soap. Since infant acne appears because of clogged oil glands from hormonal changes in your baby's body, it's important to keep the skin clean and dry during an outbreak.
Sometimes, it's the soap that's the problem. Try discontinuing use of the baby's soap and see if the condition gets better. Sometimes, mild soaps are not all that "mild."
Instead, dip a clean cotton ball in warm water and gently wipe the baby's face. The water and cotton ball will clean the area without the aid of chemicals or irritants.

3Skip lotions or creams that could cause pore clogs. Unless your baby has severely dry skin, use a moisturizing baby wash instead of lotion until the acne clears. If your baby's back, neck and chest don't show signs of acne, you can apply a mild lotion to these areas.

4Dry your baby's face whenever he spits up or drools during a feeding. Prolonged moisture around the mouth can worsen or increase chin acne. It may help to keep a bib on your baby so you always have a dry cloth available.

5Keep your baby from scratching at his face by using hand mittens until the baby pimples disappear. If the pimples are scratched or popped, they can become infected and cause a more serious skin condition.

6Try using baby powder. Some mothers with newborns who have developed baby acne find that wiping baby powder gently across the problem areas clears up acne [3]. If you do this, use a cotton ball to apply the powder, and make sure not to get the power in the baby's eyes, mouth, or ears.

7If you're breastfeeding, consider changing your diet. Many women who eat many fruits report seeing an uptick in baby acne after they breastfeed. Sometimes, the outbreak is not acne at all, but rather a rash. Some mothers report that sweet or citrus fruits, such as nectarines and oranges, may cause skin problems in newborns [3]. Seek the advice of a doctor if you believe that breastfeeding might be giving your baby a rash or baby acne.

8Talk with your doctor if your baby's acne appears after starting a medication. Some prescription drugs can cause acne, and your doctor may be able to offer an alternative medication that won't cause a skin reaction.

9)Speak with your doctor about a stronger baby acne treatment if the pimples do not disappear within 3 months, or the acne becomes severe and spreads rapidly. While most doctors don't initially prescribe medication, there are prescription creams for severe baby acne.
Be patient. While the baby acne may be bothersome to you, it probably does not bother your child one bit. Baby acne usually clears up within 3 to 7 months after birth.[1]

Be on the lookout for "pimples" or rashes elsewhere on the child's body. Baby acne usually confines to the face. If your child develops what looks like acne over different parts of his body, consult a doctor. This could be because of eczema or cradle cap.[1]

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