Tuesday, 1 June 2010

headache...ausssh adeyh2 [saje bt bunyi~]

headache due to external compression

Among the unusual headache syndromes, headache due to external compression is a poorly studied headache considered to arise as a result of continued stimulation of cutaneous nerves by the application of pressure over the scalp or forehead. The wearing of bands around the head, specifically goggles (such as those worn for swimming), tight hats, or even professional helmets have been described as causative factors. The pain is often constant and more severe at the location where the object is pressing the head. In predisposed patients (ie, those with migraine), external compression may lead to a more severe migrainous headache if the stimulus is prolonged. The mechanism responsible is the compression of trigeminal or occipital nerves branches. The headache resolves after pressure is relieved, or is prevented by avoiding the precipitating cause. Drugs are rarely used.

~ secondary chrOnic cluster headaChe due to trigeminal roOt compressiOn
A 50–year–old woman had a gradual onset of chronic headache located in the right temporal region and a burning sensation in the root of the tongue which over a year evolved into chronic cluster headache with a milder chronic headache in–between the severe cluster headache attacks. A cerebral magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed vascular compression of the trigeminal nerve root on the pain side. Neurosurgery microvascular decompression relieved the patient's chronic cluster headache, the chronic intermittent headache and the burning tongue sensation. The effect was persistent at a 1 year follow–up. Patients with atypical symptoms of cluster headache should be examined with cerebral MRI angiography of arteries and veins to exclude symptomatic causes.

trivia¬ dan kami turunkan drpd al-Quran apa yg menjadi penyembuh dan rahmat bagi org2 yg beriman (yg mempercayainya) [al-israa':80)
** bukan saya yg headache skgni, tp u know..it's usual pain yg kdg2 kita xtahu ape sbbnye~byk lg sbbnye..insyaallah..post lain kali pulee..hari ni da 3 post...[bln dpn pule la gamaknye..kikiki]


Aisyah Khadijah said...

maisarah exam fever ka??
dah buang tebiat ke buat entri banyak2 1 hari??
[pdhal saya penah ja update sampai lebih 5 post dalam 2 hari.. >.<"]

~allahuakbar said...

elley syifak.ckp kt org..saje je tu..haha..tgkla..kdg2 sbln 1kali pn mls nk update~by the way,blog syifak lg pjg2..sy x..tulis ape yg nk dismpikn je[xde mknenye exm fver..:P

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