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what is interesting about Mersa Matruh & Siwa

Mersa Matruh (Arabic مرسى مطروح [Marsā Maṭrūḥ]) is a Mediterranean seaport in Egypt. It is 240 km (149 miles) west of Alexandria and 222 km from Sallum, on the main highway from the Nile Delta to the Libyan border. Another highway leads south from the town, toward the Western Desert and the oases of Siwa and Bahariya. During Ancient Egyptian times and during the reign of Alexander The Great, the city was known as Amunia. In Ptolemaic and Byzantine times it was known as as Paraitonion (Παραιτόνιον), and in Roman times, as Paraetonium.
Marsa Matruh is a main Egyptian tourist city, and serves as a getaway resort for Europeans and Cairenes eager to flee the capital in the sweltering summer months. It is served by Mersa Matruh Airport. The city is known for its white soft sands and calm transparent waters; the bay is protected from the high seas by a series of rocks forming a natural breakwater, with a small opening to allow light vessels in.

It started as a small fishing town during Ancient Egyptian times and Alexander The Great and was named "Amunia". And there are ruins of a temple of Rameses II (1200 B.C.). Then, Mersa Matruh became known as Paraitonion in Ptolemaic era. Yet, when Roman occupation came to Egypt the town became an important harbor for trade and sending goods and crops to Rome. It was named Paraetonium at that time. During World War II, the British Army's Baggush Box was located to the east. During this period, Marsa Matruh was the terminus for a single-track railwayEl Alamein. which passed through

Monuments and Tourist Sites

  • Ruins of the Temple of the King, Pharaoh Rameses II (1200 B.C)
  • Drown city of Caesar.
  • Drown Palace of Cleopatra.
  • Egyptian Fleet Anchorage which was built by the Ptolemies, the remains of the naval installations still stand west of the port.
  • Coptic Chapel: built in the early Coptic age, and contains several caves bearing inscriptions.
  • Rommel's Hideout: A cave, hewn in the rock, where Rommel drew up plans of his military operations. It has now been turned into a military museum.
  • The British Cemetery: Thousands upon thousands of rock-hewn tombstones stand straight rows amidst a fenced garden.
  • The German Cemetery: It is a fortress like memorial that was built on a high overlooking the sea.
  • The Italian Cemetery: It is a high tower fort standing on a high hill. The walls of the building are covered with marble.
 Marina Ruins-Alamein
An ancient city discovered in 1985, it comprises temples, tombs baths and nobles' houses, from the Graeco-Roman period. It is the largest archaeological city after Alexandria .

Main Beaches

  • Ageebah Beach: About 28 km. west of Mersa Matrouh downtown, it is distinguished by its numerous natural caves and enchanting scenery.
  • Al-Abyad Beach: About 20 km. west of Mersa Matrouh downtown, beauty surpasses that of Mersa Matrouh beach.
  • Romel Bay.

ok, siwa pulee

The Siwa Oasis (Arabic: واحة سيوة‎ Wāḥat Sīwah, from Berber Siwa "prey bird; protector of the sun god Amon-Ra"[1]) is an oasis in Egypt, located between the Qattara Depression and the Egyptian Sand Sea in the Libyan Desert, nearly 50 km (30 mi) east of the Libyan border, and 560 km (348 mil) from Cairo.[2][3][4] About 80 km (50 miles) in length and 20 km (12 mi) wide,[2]Berbers[2]language of the Berber family known as taSiwit. Its fame lies primarily in its ancient role as the home to an oracle of Amon, the ruins of which are a popular tourist attraction which give the oasis its name. Siwa Oasis is one of Egypt's isolated settlements, with 23,000 people, mostly ethnic who speak a distinct
Agriculture is the main activity of modern Siwi, particularly the cultivation of dates and olives. Handicrafts like basketry are also of regional importance.[2] Tourism has in recent decades become a vital source of income. Much attention has been given to creating hotels that use local materials and play on local styles.

Siwa was the site of some fighting during World War I and World War II. The British Army's Long Range Desert Group was based here, but Rommel's Afrika Korps also took possession three times. German soldiers went skinny dipping in the lake of the oracle, which was considered a sacrilege.[7]
The ancient fortress of Siwa, built of natural rock (inselberg), made of salt, mud-brick[2] and palm logs and known as the Shali Ghali ("Shali" for city, and "Ghali", remote), although now mostly abandoned and 'melted', remains a prominent feature, towering five stories above the modern town.

Siwa is popular for its palm and olive trees, producing huge volumes of dates and olives. Extra virgin olive oil is one of Siwa's popular products used in Egypt and exported to Europe. Mulukhiyah is also a reputable Siwa product in Egypt.

ni adalah gambar-gambar tahun lepas..hehe..
yang gambar wanita bertudung litup tu wanita-wanita siwa. Diorang memang pakai camtu. macam da jadi adat dan bukan ibadat. masa kitorang pergi ke ape ek nama tempat tu, macam tempat simpan senjata ahli kuffar la, berbual-bual dengan pak cik arab jual buku tu. Mak oii, mahalnye buku. tak jadi saya nak beli. (hehe, tak beli pun xpe..tapi rugi juge la, sbb benda ni, maklumat ni xde kt internet). org Siwa ni sgt berpegang teguh pd adat resam. macam tu la.Wanita-wanita selalunya akan habiskan pelajaran sampai sekolah menengah je. pastu, pak cik tu cam marah juge la, nape kitorg perempuan semua ni bermusafir, jauh plop Malaysia la..hehe..patutnya study kt Malaysia je dan macam2 la..uh, bagi saya, dari belajar sampai sekolah menengah je, lupakanlah hasrat untuk menegakkan Islam ( maksud saya melalui politik) xkan adeo orang nak ngundi budak sekolah menengah jd pemimpin negara..Now, education is very3 important. Teringat saya cina-cina di Malaysia.Diorang bukannya kaya sgt pun.Jual yong tau fu je..huhu..tapi tetap usahakan anak diorang masuk U yg paling best, top..and diorang kerja kuat mcm nak bagi anak cucu cicit rasa apa yang diorang cari (harta la maksud saya)
adoii lari tajuk asal

em sape2 nk pergi, kena pakai seragam lengkap ye. topi, spek hitam, sunblock spf 40 pun da ok..kalau kne sunburn, adoi, berbulan la nak sembuh..cari kt farmasi ye.insyaallah ade..

maklumat-maklumat ni ada kt wikipedia and sumber2 lain juga la. gambar ade yang bukan sendiri punya.campur-campur la. Kitorang menginap kt resort la..aa gambar pasar Libya xde.hehe..sorry..
ok la.stop menaip dulu.Nanti cik Az marah.dia da panggil makan breakfast da..:)

lagipun, internet ritaj ni xberapa menjadi sejak akhir2 ni. Asyik terputus, kena menaip, update blog sebelum pukul 7..hehe..bai bai kawan2

mulakan harimu dgn Bismillah..aa, klu makan angin tu, jgn lupa bawa Quran..he is good friend. don't be separated..hehe..ok2..da2..xmau bubbling~

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