Thursday, 18 August 2011

1st & 2nd day: selamat pagi doktor :)

assalamualaikum readers :) i'm in second week for my training (nak masuk minggu ketiga da pun..weweweee)
ok.want to type about emm...yeah, my first day there..of i told u before..(now I can access the internet even I not pay yet..hehe :)

1st day only a little to study. not so bertimbun. I introduced myself to the staffness
ok.let me tell u, :)

i was so nervous but I make myself to prepare any obstacles that i must encounter
just said to yourself 'I CAN'..wihout any doubt, start your move..
then, everything which impossible at the first thought will disappear..insyaallah

my elective posting a.k.a attachment a.k.a training in the first and second week: Surgery department. I will study a lot of cases here like gout, diabetes, hernia, neoplasm and gynaecomastia.

actually, I not so 'attach' to the doctor. Just Me. In other word...em I like to use suka hati..hehe
suka hati nak buat apa
suka hati nak round wad mana ( wad 6B & 6C adalah wad pembedahan)
suka hati nak belajar apa...
suka hati nak tengok kes apa....blablabla..tambah suka hati kat depan, eh but,must OBEY rules..hihi

so, first day, in the morning, I followed a group of doctors..about 6-8 docs..then, of course, i was the youngest. I asked the KJ@head nurse@sister (aku panggil puan..haha,tak lama kemudian, kan aku asyik dok puan2 je, sister tu pun cakap, ktcn panggil sister.hehe..manala aku tahu..ngengenge :)

a group of doctors above :) I followed them. Also present, Mr C (head of Surgery department) did ward round. 

APA itu round wad?? 

pesanan dari  penaja: ini mungkin bukan makna/terjemahan sebenar
-the doctors (house officer & medical officer) were discussing about the cases.
they checked for vital sign like pulse, respiration, & blood pressure. any symptoms present for last 24 hours..and also seperti biasalah,tanya khabar pesakit..dressing also..
during ward round, pharmacist also participated the doctors group. Discussion among them HO, MO and HOD.

okeyh..hehe..btw, I did not understand about the topics they discussed about..8am-10am kot,baru habis round wad..2 hours(myb lebih,tak ingat) on foot..wahhh2x..adeyh. memang kat sini aku rasa cam buang masaaa sgt.tapi ni kan first day,relax la dulu. enjoy..satu lagi,kita boleh belajar cara..ala simple je sebenarnya patient-doctor relationship & communication, deal patients..tapi tu la..menyedapkan hati and think positive :) -always-

2nd day

I went to UPM library. studied about surgery.(tebal weh buku)..some. nothing much. lagipun, takde white coat/baju putih belum beli lagi. fikir nak beli ke tak nak ke nak ke tak nak..ish, lupa nak buat balik haritu..em

everyday, at home, I will revise all I got in hospital. in such a small matter, to the extravaganza matter..(betulke extravaganza?..hehe..ape2la~

inirah, fatma, izyan and farah also will do their attachment..tak sabarnya nak share2 :)

take care readers.happy fasting~

trivia¬ Ya Ramadan!, by Noor Syed

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind

A blessed month is casting its shadow upon us
A night of this month is better than a thousand months
Bear with patience for the sake of Ar-Rahman
It's a continuous training to strengthen our Imaan.

Glory be to Allah who sent Ramadan as a mercy to mankind
Its a purification of our soul, our heart, and our mind
With the most sincere devotion and love we fast 
To be cleansed and free from sins of the past

Glorified is He, who choseth this holy month,
To test our sabr and fill our hearts with warmth
Of his Divine Light, His blessings shall glow,
The Seer of the unseen, all He does know

Ya Allah! For thee, let my breath be more pleasant than musk
Ya Allah! For thee, let me be thankful when day turns to dusk
My thoughts and heart are purified, my eyes truly see'
This blessed month, the month of spiritual rhapsody!

Ya Allah! For thee, my life I shall live!
Ya Allah! For thee, my soul I shall give!
In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Kind,
Praise be to Allah, who sent Ramadan as a gift to mankind

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