Thursday, 11 August 2011

me, mom, smile and PLASTIC

On the way to our sweet home, we chatted (mom+me)=mamee..hehe,xdela
about what i was in the hospital today

How awkward I was,,adeyyh

Almost 20-30 minutes, we arrived home. Close the main door. Know what, my neighbour's cats always come to my house. They are begging for food. It is ok for begging, but if it always. Emm...but the cats were the most welcome la. pahala bulan Ramadhan. The problems were just, the leader (mom cat)was unexpected cat. Annoying behaviour. Sometimes she like to crash there, playing things, grab/steal fish on plate n also little bit aggressive but sometime looked like a ‘lethargy’ one. Huhu

We sat down on sofa. We were continuing our chat. In Kelantanese, off course J

Mom: I called u many times. When i arrived in front of the hospital, the security guard told me, do not get over the white line and do not parking here. If people drive an expensive car, I think the security guard just allow them.

Me: oh yes? Really??

Mom: yeah, that’s why i called u many times

Me: I kept hp silent mode

Mom: em, that was because our car was sloppy, out-of-date, (HONDA CIVIC 1991) if we have Mercedes, he’ll think  over and over again whether want to say that or not

Me: yeah. I wore white coat today. Nurses and security guards started smile to me. Before this, i was not putting on white coat (just bought it yesterday). It was like an awkward

Mom:  haha. white coat. You are a doctor what. ..hehe
Me:  all about addunya. (Life on Earth is all about PLASTIC wrap)

*must have any reasons to smile? Smile is sadaqah la! (Just beware towards whom you smile). It is a mistake to smile to the commoners and people around you; even you do not know what title they have???

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will be updated soon about my training here. no pics, no fun la..hehe..
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friends, i give u'all bunches of loves..hehe..thx for 'happy birthday' saying and quotes/wishes..:)



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