Friday, 26 August 2011

A chance

assalamualaikum readers

someone saying~"Junior doctor", " Student Doctor", " Young Doctor" are some of the words our lecturer usually use to introduce us to the patients. Why don't they just use "medical student" or "pelajar perubatan"?

Because these patients are somehow selective. They want to be seen by real doctors with license.
THeir body is just more precious than diamonds and their mouths were sealed by gold. THey won't let medical student examine or take history.

THey think that the present doctors that they are seeing now are born as doctors. THey doesn't undergo training, they have never been medical students before. THey born naturally and gifted with skills to clerk history, to examine, then to treat, and to operate. In other words, medical student will be medical student for ever. Doctors will be doctors for ever. And, we can wait in O&G labour room for babies that will be born as doctors for the future. Once a baby is born, we dont test for Apgar score, but we test their medical knowledge. Ok, pass, u r a doctor. Sorry, fail, u will be trained as medical student and will suffer and face difficult unfair!!!haha...then if im parents i'll pray days and nights to deliver a Doctor Baby.

truly, i agree with him..huhu

~ i was so emm..when staffness called me doctor (saya bukan doktor lagi. another time i was so happy being called 'a doctor'..huhu..whateva~

until today, i NEVER take history of a patient..will do later ;)
currently studying about ECG

tomorrow, insyaallah, will go to Kamal Medical bookstore in front of Kuala Lumpur Hospital..gonna buy somebooks



compulsory to know 

all the best to our beloved kakak 5th year. Hope u do well in final exam ;)
today, i was overslept. not go to hospital. pity me :(

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