Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Eh, I was in hospital ;)

8/8 1st day: know about department, staff

 9/8 2nd day: Library

10/8 3rd day: join a talk on mental healthiness at UPM ( talk delivered by three doctors from other hospital )

11/8 4th day:  talk on “Missing Bone” by orthopaedics specialist, prepared myself to enter operation theatre, but...huhu..i don’t know how to scrub my hand..i didn’t know how to open that pipe...ok..Tell u..i was awkward. This is first time..ok,, then i remembered the Korean medical drama, New Heart..the surgeon will kick the bottom of iron sink. Not kick. However, gentle than kicking. Huhu..so i did..wow.surprised..the water came out splashingly..alhamdulillah. Then i followed the instruction on how to scrub the hand. (htere was an article on the wall..but to read..it consumed time. Awkward.. Really..then i didn’t know how to take out the fluid soap from the bottle..uh..really..killing me..i thought it was not my time. also the OT shirt that i wore got wet at the end of the shirt arm..only few centimetres then to enter. I just observed the operation about few seconds through small glass window (the square one)..

12/8 5thday: hurray, today I entered OT;) Alhamdulillah..i reported myself to the head nurse and the surgeon. The surgeon will do total hip replacement surgery. ( I was not planning to go there, but just went to changing room, then asked the doctor (HO@MO) that also came to change clothes for surgery to join them;). 2nd OT, i wanted too, but the all  robes (robes-like that prevent us from radiation, i didn’t know what it was called) wore by doctors and surgeons, so no more robes left for me ..the surgeon registered to do surgery was only Dr. H, but his friends came. I mean Dr. H’s friends were also surgeon so they did surgery together, about two friends kot..diorang saje..lepaking tapi also helping la sambil berbual...so, the HO only did observing like me too..hehe ( I thought they were serious like in dramas, but no..Here they also had chit-chat too..hehe..no stress..siap gurau2 lagi dalam OT.

15/8 6th day: studied at home

16/8 7th day: Library. Take some contacts. I just met some medical students from..em this time, I forgot. Myb from Cyberjaya Medical College kot.

17/8 8th day: holiday (Nuzul Quran )

18/8 9th day: OT. Urology 9am till 11.20am (urinary stone case) Ophthalmology  OT 12-2.00pm (cryptophthalmus case)

19/8 10th day: absent. Overslept

22/8 11th day: today was the first day at Cardiology department. Library

23/8 12th day: Library (studied on ECG)

24/8 13th day: Cardio Clinic..I was “attacked” by many questions..Felt dumb. uh. What is....How to diagnose...??bla..bla.bla....Have u learned about heart sound? Come here. Try to listen. Me: no doctor, i not learned yet.. Doc: that’s ok..i’ll put the diaphragm (stethoscope) on his chest..Me:ok....Dr: u heard the sshhruuu...dup...shruuu dup?? It is aortic valve regurgitation...Me: oh, i see ;)

Tip for female doctor: please do not twist your scarf/shawl tightly. That complicated fashion of hijab... Coz when you want to put ur stethoscope dekat telinga, susah sangat..i took few seconds to adjust my shawl here..huhu.(nasib baik doktor India ni sabar, baik, lembut dan gentleman ;) 

25/8 14th day: Procedure room. Observed echocardiogram

26/8 15th day: Absent. Overslept

29/8-------------4/9 at village.......celebrated Raya Eidulfitri.....................................

5/9 16th day: Rehabilitation department. (Include Physiotherapy)

6/9 17th day: Absent. Overslept & Feeling not well

7/9 18th day: Observed some patients. Took history

8/9 19th day: Library. Treatment room. As usual, took history of back pain patients, stroke.

9/9 20th day: Library. same. but always got something new. Every patient was different. Autism, slow learner, etc..etc ;)

12/9 21th day: Rehab. I Observing some patients. “Escaped” to medical ward (two patients, one was pulmonary TB + myeliodiosis, one more emm forgot already)..hehe;)

13/9 22th day: Library. Got Cerebral Palsy patient (I jotted down my experience handling this case previously)

14/9 23th day: Library. Read some about stroke rehabilitation. The book was seriously boring. No pictures, no tables, no graphics..so, I read another book and slept. It was common here to see nurses slept, MO slept, I slept..HO?? emm, not sure..so i just imitated them..

15/9 24th day: Hospital Auditorium. ATalk on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation. The anaesthetist Mrs. R went on a meeting in Penang. They discussed about some latest issues regarding CPR (the updated one).The talk was marvellous!! Like..like..like

16/9 25th day: it was my last elective posting day..but i sacrificed it to Malaysian..You must thanked me. Ade-ade je. Padahal memang cuti pun..1 Malaysia. I like the song by Ernie and the yellow hair man..ape la..nyanyi lagu Malaysia, butt, what happen to their hair??? Kalau I, I malu nak nyanyi lagu Malaysia, tapi rambut oren..tak sah mandi wajib..for sure, lainla kalau pakai inai kan, tapi inai mestilah remeh sedikit..but, may i ask u, what is the benefit that you can get by colouring / dye..eh dying? Your hair?? RM 15o kot kalau colour..pastu, nak mandi wajib pun susah..kena potong rambut dulu ke?? Nvmd~

Finish writing..tomorrow will go to Ampang Puteri to see dentist..
I want to throw out my adik bongsu there..ehh, no, gigi bongsu...i asked my mom, kenapa Allah jadikan gigi bongsu kalau tiada fungsi? The dentist that i met before, i mean today( yeah, penat ni baru balik) at Al-iSLAM Specialist Hospital Kuala Lumpur said that gigi bongsu tiada fungsi..betulkah? Ia mungkin akan mengganggu gigi-gigi kakak dan abang yang lain..em..wondering~

Ignore my overslept. It was good enough to do elective posting almost a month.ye tak?? Hehe..On 1Malaysia day, I felt relieved. True. I really meant it..;)

Simple writing shared with you. ;)


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