Tuesday, 13 September 2011

A Sunny Day in Paed Gymnasium Room (CP)

after finished breakfast with my dad, mom and Ina at hospital cafe ('lepak'ing), 9.10 am, I rushed to the w/c to clean my oral cavities..as usual, I looked into the mirror...put on white coat neatly and walked without thinking anything. (usually i suka gak planning/dreaming ke masa berjalan..quite fun;)..

then, entered in clinic and observed some patients..

if no patients in orthopedic therapy, or if i get boring sitting in there, i escaped..hehe

to cafe?? no..
to garden?? no..
to anywhere?? yes..hehe..

anywhere means anywhere in the departments..so, when i saw patients' sandals in front of the door, i quickly rushed in..

now, i in paediatric gymnasium (haha..jgn main2..bdk2 pun ade gym)..Chinese baby in bicycle-like tool..didn't knew what was that, but as I know, it is therapy for the child legs to use their legs..means a child has grown up already about two yrs for example, but he or she didn't use his/her leg. They tend to sit or just stay in supination, so use this kind of therapy to stimulate the legs to stand and walk..

he was cerebral palsy patient..
i forgot the signs & symptoms of CP
i not prepared myself yet to encounter paediatric patients. i not learning paed except in embryology in 1st and 2nd year..

so, i asked the therapist about CP
tiba-tiba...'haah, inilah dia..kenapa awak tak tahu pasal CP, awak nak saya spoonfeed awak ke? (sambil menunding jari ke arah muka saya) awak ingat katsini nak mengajar semua ke? awak tak tengok ke ape dia simptom
saya: saya baru masuk, tak belajar paed lagi.. (nada perlahan, tapi still boleh dengar)
dia: awak medical student kan, i expect more from u, ..bla..bla...kalau awak tak tahu, pegi la baca buku..nak tengok kes, tapi tak tahu

korang expect apa? saya menangis..hewhew..off course not..

i felt like i was on the sky..like 'eh, betulke ape yang aku dengar ni'...em, siap menyampuk lagi masa dia membebel. sekejap je. tak lama dia bebel (macam sama je perangai kita berdua..membebel..hehe..)

then, i got myself back. i saw people around me. other therapists, therapist student, child's mom and his grandmom, a __ha? gentleman?? is he handsome or...oo..ok..like he was in secondary school..nasib baik, kalau tak, malu dowh muka aku ni if he just around my age....now, i could feel how HO feel..

kadang2 i feel nothing..lantakla kau nak marah pun, aku nak belajar

so, i touched the other CP patient. Malay. Grasp reflex  was still present and some more other reflexes..si dia yang marah aku tu pun, observed what i was doing..only Grasp reflex i knew..but another reflex, i didn't know what it was called..yeah, frustrated. she asked me about the reflex name...

she went to table then said 'hai, tak tahu ape2 la'

i heard she scolded ke adviced, menyindir mungkin the therapist student..
kadang-kadang, lawak je therapist yang marah aku ni..

kadan-kadang aku suka cikgu yang kat sekolah tu garang sebab sekali ajar dah masuk dalam kepala..

patient da balik, i moved out to library..mencapai buku paed :
sign and symptoms, congenital anomalies, headache in paed
i found essential of paediatric churchill livingstone was helpful

belek2 , jumpa la CP ni..baca sket..
about 4++ pm, mom called. went to lobby..


balik rumah la off course ;)

trivia¬ in embryology textbook 1st or 2nd year , i remembered the figure of CP..but the figure show only wind-swept deformity (it is due to patient not undergo/delayed treatment/therapy), but today, i saw the clenched fits sign only..because wind-swept deformity tu yang memang da teruk da..
so stages yang lain..at first glanced, really, i didn't knew he suffered from CP..i knew it just only by ..guessing..hehe

(boleh cari kat internet clenched fits tu ape and WS deformity tu ape..i try to upload here, tapi macam menunggu hujan, lambat..myb laptop da panas, sebab tak bawa balik cooler pad..ok;)

really..i admit..i'm lacking~ but i/we still learning..
keep moving on..insyaallah;)

CP symptoms
CP comel symptoms, sign n blablabla 

i'm not checking my grammer. dah lewat..nak study japp..

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